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A Great Book for Children, February 28, 2014


Brian Wilson, New Zealand

This review is from: Louie the Tui Learns To Sing (Paperback)

Louie the Tui Learns to Sing, by Janet Martin, is a well-constructed story about a New Zealand bird called a Tui. It is suitable for children aged between three and ten years of age and I would rate it at 5 stars. Children will be captivated by both the colourful illustrations and the story as it unfolds in flowing poetry that has both good rhythm and rhyme. It also has a good theme—that if you try hard enough, you can do anything.

This is definitely one of the ‘must have’ children’s books.


From Murray Gray, programme director of the annual Going West Books and Writers Festival. published in Titirangi Tattler

August  2005  

Here’s what the kids (from years 5 and 6 at Laingholm Primary) had to say:

Abigail Fantail – review by Rosa
Abigail Fantail is a descriptive and effectively written little book, for ages five and six. Janet Martin has written a simple story but created a little adventure for Abigail because she gets lost and spends the night by herself.

In the end, Abigail hears something rather familiar and she just knows it is her mother! The one thing that worried me was when she was out in the bush alone at night, but I was relieved she safely got back to her nest.

Marigold Freeman, the illustrator, used different texture of colours, and wove intricate patterns of bush throughout the book.

As a rating our of ten, I give it a ten!

Mia the Kea – review by Kieren
Mia the Kea is best suited for Juniors aged 6 and up. The illustrations [by Ivar Treskon] are very supportive to the storyline and have a humorous effect.

Mia is a cheeky bird and is always up to some mischief. Thinking her pranks and tricks funny, Mia carries on with her antics until given a piece of her own medicine. As a result, Mia is chosen to be Roger the Ranger’s deputy Ranger.

I give it an eight out of ten rating.

Louie the Tui – review by Jack
This book is cleverly written in rhyme and is recommended for six year olds.

Louie the Tui does not know how to sing, but with a little help from a friend, he finds it is easy. From Granny Annie playing the guitar Louie realises he can sing, and as he practices his song all the kids gather round to hear Louie the Tui and Annie the Granny sing.

The pictures [by Ivar Treskon] have a cartoon style and are very detailed. They have been drawn and coloured by pencils.

[The rating is.. er, unavailable for this story].

So there you go. The kids said it: intricate, effective, entertaining, supportive and humorous! We think Janet Martin is underselling herself. And all books have fantastic illustrations – Ivar Treskon is a brilliant artist.

Comment by Roger Bannan ~ August 9, 2005 03:33 PM

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Molly the Morepork and the lost campers – review by Isobel
Molly the Morepork is best suited for Juniors. It is both informational and humorous. Ivar Treskon has created the intricate and detailed coloured drawings to support the story.

Janet Martin has written in rhyme, which is very effective and entertaining.

The story is set in the bush when a group of kids decide to go for a walk, but the teachers who led the group were not well prepared. By late afternoon they are hopelessly lost. It was now dark but who do you think came to the rescue? MOLLY! They followed her calls and they were able to return to the campsite safely.

I give it a ten out of ten rating.