The egg was a warm, cosy, quiet hideout.      

Just right for a kiwi to wait to hatch out.

When she was ready she’d have to break through.

Up until then she just grew and she grew.


But this bird was endangered, she needed a hand

If she was to survive in New Zealand’s bush land.

So along came the rangers, they took eggs away

To a new kiwi nursery for a short stay.


They wanted all kiwi to have a good chance,

So they reared them by hand, safe from dangers that passed.

Like weasels and stoats, and dogs and wild cats

Who could ferret them out (not to mention the rats!)


But this egg was special, and do you know why?

Inside was a kiwi, and kiwi can’t fly.

But that isn’t all, (and I wouldn’t tell lies)

This egg held a magical lovely surprise!


They excitedly waited through days and through nights

Then a small hole appeared, as they watched with delight!

It took many hours for the chick to hatch out.

The wee kiwi struggled and wriggled about.


The hole just got bigger, she pecked her way through.

A little pink beak poked its way out, brand new.

Followed by – WHAT? Is this RIGHT? CAN THIS BE?

A fluffy WHITE KIWI was suddenly seen!


A camera took photos, if only she knew

That she was so special, and very rare too!

The internet soon had her picture to see

She even appeared on world wide TV.


“What shall we call her, what name shall we choose?”

They pondered this question, as this kiwi was news!

They picked out a name they thought suited her best

And chose “Manukura”, right there by her nest.


“Chiefly Status” in maori is what this name means,

White kiwi are rare, hardly any are seen

And ‘manu’ means ‘high rank’ and also ‘a bird’,

‘Kura’ means ‘precious’, also ‘feather’ I heard.


She was cute, she was fluffy, just like a soft toy.

We read all about her, it gave us great joy.

A precious white kiwi to be raised ‘til she’s grown,

Then maybe when older, returned to her home.


As kiwi are special, and do you know why?

They’re unique to New Zealand, and kiwi can’t fly.

So we have to protect them, and help them along

So they grow and they prosper, healthy and strong.



Born 1st May 2011 at Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre