photos by Janet Martin (c)


Ginger and white with strippety stripes

He loves to sit on my laptop at night.

My cat’s a modern laptop cat.

That’s the place where he loves to nap.


On laptop computer he sits on the keys

With no regard, and apparent ease.

His tail flicks as he surfs the net.

My cat is a cyberworld pet.


Errors galore appear on the screen.

Now you can see where my cat has been.

“Go chase a mouse outside” I say,

“A computer’s no place for a cat to stay!”


But the only mouse my cat gets near

Is the one by the laptop above the chair.

Plastic, immobile, silent and grey.

A poor example of a cat’s prey!


The only laptop a cat should visit

Is a human lap I believe, or is it?

When my lap is not around to be sat on

The computer will usually have my cat on.


What's that message that's just appeared

In my inbox, it's really weird!

It says "come home and feed your cat

And hurry up, as it's time for my nap!"


(c) Jampot Productions Ltd


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